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How To Hit Your Goals

I am sure all of you have goals for this season. Now whether you hit those goals is up to you, but I’m going to talk about a plan you can have to achieve what you want for this upcoming season. I think the most important things when deciding a goal is having a clear idea of what it is. Not being all over the place. Have a clear vision of what you want and that becomes your reason why. If you strive for one thing everyday and you make every single waking moment you have geared towards that goal, you will achieve it. A lot of guys, once it gets hard, whether it’s in the weight room or on the field during hell week lose sight of their goal. They say they want to get an offer but they are last in line for drills because it is “too hot” or they don’t take scout team reps when they aren’t 1st on the depth chart. You need to be willing to do everything possible to make sure you hit your goal. Not just the stuff you want to do. If everyone did only the things they wanted to do, the whole world would be soft. All successful people do things that they don’t want to do. That’s how you make things happen. You need to have a clear idea of what you want and make sure every waking moment is going to help you get there. If it’s not gonna get you to your goal, you probably shouldn’t waste any time on it. If these things don’t seem like something you could do, you shouldn’t even have goals. Achieving goals takes sacrifice. Nobody is going to hand it to you.

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