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How To Impress A Coach

When you want to impress a coach it really comes down to 2 things. How hard are you going to practice and work and how coachable are you. If you can work your ass off every time you touch the field, weight room and class room... a coach notices. Take it from a guy who started coaching young and realized what they all look for in a coaching office. They look for hard work which shows your character and how coachable are you. There is nothing a coach loves better than telling you to fix something and then you do it. When I first started coaching I was amazed at how many kids you would coach up, and they wouldn’t do what you said because they are either not disciplined or just could care less about what you have to say. You know how frustrating that is? Quickest way to get a coach to like you is by being receptive to what they say, ask questions about it so they know you’re concerned and then execute on the field. Don’t have this renegade attitude that your way is better. Hell maybe what they are saying isn’t right but are you really gonna pick a fight with your coach? That never works. Ever. Quickest way to NOT impress him. Work your ass off, have high character and be coachable.

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