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There are 3 keys to making a great highlight tape that can help you land an offer from a college. We will be discussing that below, I hope this can help! 

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1)- Keep the highlight tape short and sweet. Often times guys will think that “the longer I make my highlights, the more plays a college coach will think I made”. While this might be true, a college coach simply just doesn’t have the time for it. He scouts thousands of athletes all over the country and will only watch 1-2 minutes if you are lucky. Keep the tape short and put the best plays first. 

2)- Make the plays explosive, don’t include routine plays. Let’s say you’re a QB, I don’t want to see you throw a wide open post route for a TD off of a 3 step drop. I want to see you evade in the pocket/ step up in the pocket and deliver a shot downfield. Those are the plays you need to include in your highlight tape even if they aren’t TDs. Those are explosive plays and college coaches are looking for playmakers. Highlight tapes should not be composed of plays we expect you to make. 

3)- If you play both ways dont split up your tape into two parts. Let’s say you are a WR/DB- don’t make the first 1-2 minutes all WR plays and the second minute all DB plays. If you have an explosive pick 6 or PBU/tackle include that first! Even if you aren’t a primary DB. College coaches want playmakers and you need to showcase your play making ability anywhere. 

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