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I think the number 1 key to running much sharper and crisp routes is your pad level. Too many guys start the route tall and don’t stay in the explosive position they are in off the line. I should be able to take a picture of you at the start of the route and your pad level should remain the same throughout the stem. It’s going to help you sell the fade and it’s going to help you be more explosive. If your immediate instinct is to pop up when the QB says go, you are wrong. You can practice this by pretending you have something over your head like a door and you can’t hit your head on it. Much like when you need to get low at the top of the route you need to stay low at the bottom in this explosive position. It’s like running a 40 almost. The more powerful you are at the beginning makes you much faster towards the end. Not to mention, your release will be much more explosive if you don’t pop up. Stay low and explosive and your route will be much smoother and crisper.

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