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How To Stay Calm In The Pocket

A common question I get asked is “how can I stay calm inside the pocket”. I think the easy answer to tell you guys is reps. But what should those reps look like? I think a lot of staying calm and having a good pocket presence is a mindset. You really can’t control how well your offensive linemen block. You can make adjustments protection wise to adjust to the blitz or any kind of pressure, those mistakes are on you, but if you have everything blocked up correctly on paper you shouldn’t worry about it. DO YOUR JOB. And your job is to keep your eyes downfield, stay relaxed, and go through your progressions. Nowhere does it say worry about blocking or a pass rush. In practice you should be going through this in your head each play. Before you know, it will be second nature and you will be much more relaxed in the pocket on game day.

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