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A lot of guys start the entire spring and summer workouts and then when the season comes they don’t produce and lose their spot. It is a very common thing. A lot of guys will lose their spots this year but can you win them back? And the answer is of course yes. But how do you do it? You need to have that grit everyday and just show up to work. Take it personal, have that “You can’t break me” attitude. Everything you do should be 100%. If you take a play off or slack off, you really don’t want the job bad enough. You see the common player just complains. He will talk of transferring or the coach not giving him a fair shot. And maybe that can be true but none of it matters. You are still not starting. You are just that player who complains that we all hate. So what you can do is act like it doesn’t bother you and work harder. Be the hardest worker in the room and don’t take anything for granted. That’s how you get your job back. Coaches just want a player who is reliable. If you are reliable and work everyday the coach will trust you. When you get your moment, make the most of it.

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