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How WRs Can Avoid Injury While Cutting

This is one of the most non-talked about aspects of the WR position that should be heavily emphasized. You see so many receivers injure themselves with improper technique when they are either snapping down on a route or making a speed cut into a route. It is all about foot strike, foot placement and stability. When you strike the ground you don’t want to land on your heels or your toes. You want to be on the middle arch of your foot. Injury won’t come from toes but you won’t be able to get out of the route fast, you will be falling forward. Injury comes from the heels. That will put a ton of pressure on your Achilles and that is one of the worst injuries you can have. Anytime you are working on cone drills or ladder drills for cutting, you should be focused on striking the ground in the correct spot. Secondly, foot positioning is important along with hip positioning when making a cut. A lot of guys try to run routes from a very tall position, they don’t drop their hips down or they end up reaching for a cut. If you try to cut while running full speed and you don’t drop your pad level/hips (I’m talking comebacks, curls, digs etc.) you will put so much pressure and strain on your knees and ankles. You cannot rely on a single hard step to make a tight 45 degree angle cut. You need to drop your pad level. Now like I mentioned before, a lot of receivers reach out for their cuts. That makes you strike the ground inefficiently and you end up on your heels. That again will put stress on your Achilles and ankles. Cut in stride and make sure you drop the pad level. Now last but not least, ankle and knee stability are key to avoiding injury on cuts. So working specific drills to build those aspects of your game need to be done and they need to be done daily. If you want a specific day to day training schedule for WRs and what they should do drill wise to build confidence in their cuts and stability in their knees/ankles, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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