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A lot of WRs make the mistake of just being an athlete and nothing they do is calculated. They just receive the play from their QB or coach and just run the route the same every time. The problem with this is that it will not work against a talented DB or defense. WRs need to be like a second QB on the field and that comes from them approaching the game with the correct mindset and mental prep. A lot of WRs ask me how to watch film, and the answer I give them is always break things up into percentages. You should be taking percentages of each time the defense rolls out in man coverage, zone coverage etc. 1 high, 2 high safety’s, inside leverage, outside leverage press and much more. And especially in high school, this is not that hard, they do not change this up much. So based off of how they come out that’s how you can structure your releases, moves and routes. You want to be very detailed in how you approach each week of practice because you need to emphasize the things you have studied on the field that weekend and throughout the week. This is how you can be a smarter WR. This is not chemistry or rocket science, this is football. Anyone can understand who plays, so make sure you are disciplined and actually study film. Be a second QB on the field. This will lead to more receptions, more separation and obviously bigger plays. Route running is about 60% physical and 40% mental. If you want a 40 minute video on examples of how WRs can read defenses to pick releases, moves and organize their routes, click below! ⬇️⬇️

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