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How WRs Can Get Offers

So as a WR you need to be focusing on these 3 specific elements of your game to play at the next level. If you can do this and showcase these skills on film, you will have the opportunity to play at the next level.

1)- Being able to create separation. Everyone loves to talk about speed & height/weight but nobody talks about your ability to separate. Yes speed helps. Yes size helps, but at the end of the day you’re gonna be playing against big and fast guys every snap at the next level. So you cannot solely rely on that. Having those attributes can get a coaches eye, but what gets him to offer is by being a complete WR. If you can run good, explosive routes and create separation at the top of the break and accelerate out of your routes… this will grab any coaches eye. The details of route running 100% matter at the next level. Guys who don’t have good route running struggle in college because every player is just as big and just as fast as them. Don’t let that be you, and if you lack speed or size, route running is a great way to make up for that!

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2)- The second thing you want to emphasize is catching every pass. Regardless if you are open or not, if you catch every pass in your frame, no matter what, a school will find a spot for you. The hands have to be automatic. No drops in practice and no drops in the game. You need to do catching drills/grip workouts everyday to make sure your hands are consistent. This just further helps your chances of catching a coaches eye. On your highlight tape you want to include catches that are tough. Jump balls, diving grabs, catches in traffic etc. That is what college coaches want to see.

3)- Last but not least, receivers need to work on their blocking skills. You should take pride in your run offense. If you got two wide receivers who are the exact same but one blocks better than the other, they will take the better blocker. He is more of an asset to the team. Blocking is all a mindset and repetition. In full pads you should practice this whenever you get the chance.

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