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How WRs Can Get Recruited With NO FILM

To play at the next level you need to have film. A college coach is not going to take a chance on you without film. But if you’re a sophomore or a junior and don’t have varsity film, don’t panic. Camps are going to be great for you to get on a coaches radar. Coaches are going to want to see you with their own eyes if you don’t have varsity film, so at camps it is very important to make a good first impression. You need to showcase your ability to catch every ball, get off of press and be smooth in and out of breaks. If you can’t efficiently beat a physical DB or be efficient at the 3 phases of the route (stem, breakpoint, acceleration) then the coach will hardly pay attention to you without film. You will end up being just another number. Trust me, I’ve been around a lot of college coaches and most of them treat camps as a money maker, that’s how they get paid for the summer. But every year there are always kids who stand out and build a connection with a coach because they performed at the camp. That is who you need to be without any film. Maybe you’re injured or just sitting behind a senior, doesn’t mean you still can’t raise some eyeballs. Against press DBs you need to be focused on getting of the ball fast and knowing the situation. At the camp you will most likely do 1on1s so expect a lot of press. Don’t waste time and don’t try to be too fancy. Move efficiently and keep timing with your QB. That’s what college coaches want to see. When you are doing 7on7 or still even 1on1s when it comes to route running, coaches want to see if you can sell vertical all the way into the break, drop suddenly, and then accelerate. They don’t want the guys with the long exaggerated cuts who just drag their feet on the turf. They want guys who move explosive, sudden and can accelerate. If you need to improve on these specific aspects of your game(we all do) checkout the link below for over 1.5 hours of premium WR content on route running and releases. We give you a full 48 minute video on How To Improve Your Routes In 10 Days with a specific drill schedule and a 49 minute video on 20 Different Press Releases, when to use them and drills to work on them (with sets and reps). Click below to get access to our ROUTE RUNNING BIBLE so you can learn the specific things you need to stand out to college coaches and to beat the competition ⬇️⬇️

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