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How WRs Can Make Their Routes Look The Same

WRs need to make all their routes look the same and you have probably heard this before, but what does that mean? That means every single route should look the same at some point, whether you are setting up a release to use another release or a move at the top of the route to use another move. Something you can do to make the DB think it is something he has seen before. Let’s make it simple now, if your job is to run a fade on the play and just to run off the DB, use some kind of a hesitation on the route maybe a stutter or a skip. Then now let’s say you are running a comeback, use that same stutter, make it look the same and watch the DB over commit on the fade. That’s going to get you a lot of space on a comeback if you snap it off going full speed like you are running vertical. If you want to learn some advanced route running drills and to have me look at your film, become a platinum member below! You’d get access to 50+ advanced drills and 4 new drills weekly along with being able to send me your route running film for a breakdown. Click the link below! ⬇️

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