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The old school way of running routes like a comeback, curl, or dig is to get into the break, chop your feet and “beat the drums”. This is very incorrect. You never want to beat the drums or as I like to say “milk the cow” when you are running routes. Today we will discuss why and how to fix this problem.

The first thing you need to know is that playing the WR position much like anything else is about eliminating wasted motion. If you can get rid of the wasted steps off the line, at the top of the route and In anything you do, you will be more successful. So beating the drum is wasted motion. When you do unnecessary movement with your hands, you will do unnecessary movement with your feet. Both are tied together. So make sure when you drop into breaks like a comeback or curl you are more concerned with being violent with your hips. When you can drop violently into a break that helps you slow down. Trust your hips to slow you down. Not the choppiness of your steps. When you are violent with your hips and drop your hips to a parallel or slightly below parallel position you can make tighter cuts and actually explode out of the route. The goal is to create energy and to accelerate. Now we will talk about why beating the drum is an indicator to the DB.

If you guys would like an 8 week on field WR workout schedule that will give you specific drills to do with sets/reps and 2 hours of instructional videos on each drill click below! These drills will help you to stop beating the drum, make more explosive cuts and accelerate out of your breaks faster ⬇️⬇️

Now beating the drum is extremely bad because it’s an indicator to the DB like I mentioned above. As soon as a DB feels you slowing down, he will slow down. So if you are taking 8-10 steps thats just more time for the DB to react to what you are doing. If you drop your hips violently into a break you can eliminate steps and give the DB less time to react. Don’t sink your hips, DROP your hips so the DB gets less time to break on your routes.

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