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How WRs & QBs Can Improve Confidence

Below we are going to discuss how WRs & QBs can improve their confidence. We are going to give you 3 specific things you can do during a game, at practice and in competition settings to help yourself relax and perform well. I hope this helps

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To improve your confidence in your game (this is assuming you have done the work required in the off season to be successful. This is not a magic formula to help people who haven’t worked hard be great) you must think about these 3 specific things. 1) you need to focus on taking things one play at a time. A lot of times guys have a lot of things on their mind. They may have a lot of responsibilities, need to memorize a lot of plays, playing a complex defense but at the end of the day the only play that matters is your current play. So everything else is just noise. Ignore the noise and focus on doing your job. 2) Flush the good plays and the bad plays. You shouldn’t show a lot of emotion out there. Obviously you can celebrate and you want to be pissed off if you make a mistake but you CANNOT DWELL ON IT. Guys will see their self confidence go down the drain if you are constantly thinking about that last INT that you threw or the last drop you had. But also you shouldn’t think about the big TD pass you just had either. Because then you think you can’t make mistakes, and when you make a mistake you are in for a rude awakening. Mistakes are inevitable they happen, you either succeed or you learn from it. But regardless, you need to have that “next play” mentality. 3) Last but not least you need positive self talk. Constantly throughout your performance you need to be saying the right things to yourself. Like “you are prepared” “you are ready to go” etc. Doesn't need to be exactly those phrases but stuff similar needs to be on repeat. Positive thoughts in your head will give you a possible outlook on things and give you more confidence to execute.

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