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How You Can Get Recruited Without Film

How you can get recruited with no film is a question I get asked a lot. I will always keep it real with you guys and the fact of the matter is, you probably won’t get any real offers without film. If you are a guy who is sitting there with no offers going into his senior year or junior year, it is still possible to make something happen. I was in the same situation. What you can do besides focusing on getting better so your highlight tape stands out from the rest is start to build relationships with coaches. Coaches need to know who you are before they are going to offer you. Same principle as business, guys who train with me only wanted to come train with me because they knew about me. Not because they just stumbled upon me and then worked out that day. It’s all marketing and you need to promote yourself. Reach out to coaches via email or twitter DM. Those are the two places you can start to form a connection. Reach out to your position coach and the recruiting coordinator for your area. All of that info can be found on the schools football website. If you are not sure what to say to coaches and how to go about effectively messaging them without being annoying and a pest, click the link below to see our college coach email templates that we offer. Great for any athlete to build a relationship with a coach ⬇️⬇️

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