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The thing that separates great athletes from good athletes is their mindset. Whether it is on the field, in the weight room, at practice, or with their school work. Some athletes just think different. Why do you think they call it the “Mamba Mentality”? Because Kobe had a different mindset than 95% of the guys in the NBA. This article is to inform you on how you can have that mindset too.

Too many guys show up to the practice field and think that this is a waste of time and that practice sucks and do not realize what it is for. You will grow up hating practice until you shift your mind to what I am about to tell you. You are at practice to get better. A lot of guys think it is just something they HAVE to do but in reality it is something you should WANT to do. If you are there to get better, the mistakes you make and getting screamed at by a coach is not as bad because it is for a good cost. They call it practice for a reason. You are there to get better.

Now when it comes to gameday, you can really see the athletes who are different. They approach the game with a different kind of mentality. They feel they are the best to step on the field and that they are going to perform that way. They don’t have an attitude of “I can’t fail” they have an attitude of “I won’t fail.” That’s the difference between arrogance and confidence. The best athletes do not need to put on a show of arrogance they are confident they are the best.

Lastly, they approach everything like it is work and it is serious. They do not mess around in the classroom and put off assignments. They get their work done because they know that is what it is going to take. They are very mature because they get it. If you are an athlete and you do not fit into these categories, you need to shift your mindset. The mind is the most powerful thing in your body. Use it correctly.

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