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Most Important Aspect of QB

In my opinion I think the most important trait in a QB is confidence. I think you can build up the other things over time that go with the position but if you are a QB with shaky confidence, you won’t be able to play no matter how good you are. At the end of the day, you are the leader of the team. Whether you like it or not, all eyes are on you and all eyes look to you when it is crunch time. If that doesn’t sound like something you like, switch to WR. You need to be a dude to play this position. You have to have unshakeable confidence. If you aren’t confident in your preparation and your ability, don’t expect to have success on the field. Confidence comes from what you do day in and day out to get better. If you just workout twice a week, expect twice a week results. If you do something everyday to get better, expect to actually get better. And that will lead to confidence. Now what about the group of guys who work their ass off but they are still unconfident in their abilities? That comes from your self talk. What do you say to yourself everyday when you wake up or hit the field? Is it positive? Or is it negative? If you are telling yourself you are good at what you do and actually believe it, all of that work won’t be for nothing. If you tell yourself you aren’t good enough, none of that work will matter. Turn every single thought in your mind into positive thinking. You will be surprised at how you approach the game after. Your game will change and you will see more success on the field. If you want to see more results just simply change your mind.

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