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Outside WR Quiz

This is a quiz designed for WRs to test their knowledge of the what kind of defensive looks they will see from the outside position. Answers will be located at the bottom. Hope this helps!

Question 1) When running an inside breaking route, and the DB is in zone coverage (5-7yds off) what area do you want to attack?

Question 2) When a DB is lined up outside shade of you, what can that mean?

Question 3) When a DB is in zone coverage how would you run a fade route?

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Answer 1) You want to attack the “blind spot” as we like to call it. When a DB is in zone coverage he will be facing the QB with his front hip angled to you, his back will be to the sideline. That area between his back and the sideline is the blind spot, that is where you want to attack. If you can angle your stem, give a rocker step to that spot or any other kind of move… that will threaten him vertically and widen him. This will lead to more separation on your dig/post Route.