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Should You Walk On?

Walking on is when a student regularly enrolls into a college and they essentially tryout for the football team. Now there are two types of walk ons and the walk on process is a little bit different than you might think. That is what we will be discussing below, I hope this can inform you on the decision to tryout for a college team! 

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Ok, so there are two types of walk ons. A “proffered walk on” and then just a “walk on”. So a preferred walk on is someone who is invited to fall camp. They get to practice with the team before school starts. So you are pretty much recruited to attend the school but they just don’t give you any scholarship money. A general walk on can be anybody. Maybe you applied to the college knowing that you will walk on or maybe you played high school ball and wood like to tryout for the team. You do not start practicing with the team until classes start. Depending on your school, you will most likely be 2-4 weeks behind everyone else. Anybody can do this- but that does not mean it is easy by any sense of the word. You still have to make the team.

When you walk on, you are almost treated separately from everyone else. Make sure you factor this into your decision. You figure, if you’re at a D1 school, most of the team is on scholarship. So they obviously get first priority and attention because the school is making an investment in them. Not to say you can’t pass them up because in college the best guy will play. That’s just what it will be like at first. Also, all the scholarship guys have meals paid for, so you will almost be separate from the team in the dining hall because you have to pay for meals & not to mention having to carry on the expense of books. Those are probably the biggest negative aspects of walking on. There are always options to play JUCO ball instead for a year or two then transfer when you get a scholarship if walking on doesn’t sound like it’s for you. But if your family can afford the cost of the school and you want to graduate in 4 years- walking on might be a good option for you. You need mental and physical toughness and you must be the hardest worker in the room as a walk on. 

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