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So these are two aspects of your game that a lot of players can get discouraged about. Maybe a coach told you that you are not big enough or fast enough to play college football. People are going to say that, but what are college scouts ACTUALLY looking for when it comes to these attributes? That’s what we will be discussing today, I hope this can help!

Also if you are a WR and would like an 8 week daily gym and field training plan to follow, checkout the link below! We give you the exact gym exercises to improve your speed, strength, explosion and power- also we give you the exact drills you need to do for route running, press releases and catching. Sets & reps for each exercise is included! Check it out below ⬇️⬇️

Okay so when it comes to your size - most of it you cannot control. Your height is 100% genetic - so you don’t have any say in how tall you will be. Your weight is somewhat genetic but can be improved. A lot of guys think they need to weigh as much as possible to play college ball- this is incorrect. You want to weigh as much as possible with as low of body fat as possible. Especially if you are a skill player- obviously lineman are graded on a different scale. So personally, and I think a college coach would agree with me, your speed is more important than size. Speed can be developed. You can workout in the gym to train your fast twitch muscle fibers, you can do resistance training, stretching, activation exercises etc. All of that can make you faster and improve your game on film. College coaches watch your film first before anything. If you are fast and the best player on the field- your size isn’t going to matter to them. Now they might tell you to gain some weight or that you need to get stronger. That is fine and we can control that, but if you’re the best damn player on the field- a college will want you. They know height can’t be controlled. If you’re a college talent- a college coach will want you. It’s going to be a tough road being undersized but where smaller guys make up for height is in their speed. This is why I feel speed is way more important. 

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