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Something a lot of WRs struggle with is their over the shoulder catching technique. They don’t know how to track the ball and stay moving at the same time. Below is a great solo drill that you can do to work on this by yourself!

Get 2 Tennis Balls and stand with your back up against a wall, if the wall isn’t high enough do this kneeling.

Bounce the tennis ball over your head off the wall and track it all the way back down and catch in your opposite hand. This helps you track the ball when it is a deeper throw down the field.

Perform 50 reps on each side daily and watch your over the shoulder catching skills improve.

If you desperately need to improve your hands, checkout the link below for 30 days of WR catching workouts! We give you specific exercises designed to improve your grip strength and hand eye coordination. All 30 days of the plan do not require a QB! CLICK BELOW TO CHECK IT OUT ⬇️

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