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Stop Being Lazy

Anybody who is successful is not “Sane” in the public eye or in others opinions. Today is a holiday and we need to pay our respects to fallen troops. I think today is one of the most important days of the year. But that doesn’t mean we take a day off. I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but everybody is resting today and going to barbecues which is fine. I 100% believe family time and spending time with your friends is important, but if you know you need to get some work done, get the work done. Holidays are when everyone decides to pull back on the gas, but I say you hit the gas pedal and work even harder because you know nobody else is working. If you have worked hard all week maybe you deserve a day off. But this is for the guys who aren’t happy with where they are at. If you aren’t happy with your role on your team, don’t take today off. If you are second or third string, don’t take a rest day. You can’t afford it. You have to be obsessed with your craft. And being obsessed doesn’t mean “oh everyone is taking today off, so should I” it means I’m so insane about winning that I’m gonna work on everyone’s day off. Now I don’t want anyone to take this the wrong way because I think today is one of the more important holidays, but how bad do you actually want it? All I know is Lebron James, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, and etc. didn’t take days off until they earned it. When Brady was 3rd/2nd string, knowing the guy he is, do you think he took Memorial Day off? Hell no. Now he does because he has earned it. If you are complaining about play time or your skill set, look at how many “rest days” you actually take. Then we can talk about if you have earned it or not.

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