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The 2 Minute Drill

This post is all about the QB. How can you win every time on the 2 minute drill. This is a common situation a lot of QBs are thrown into and very few are good at it. Some of the best are Andrew Luck or Aaron Rodgers, now those are two dynamic QBs who can make every single throw on the field but that’s not why they are successful at the 2 minute drill. They are successful in that situation because they take what the defense gives them and they don’t force the ball. Not taking sacks, not wasting time, and not getting negative yardage are essential to any QB in the two minute drill. Those are the keys. Don’t force the ball and don’t try to do too much. You take what’s open and get your guys out of bounds. Worst case scenario, you live to see the next down. That’s if you are smart with the ball, it’s not there... throw it out of bounds. Live to see another day. Too many guys think they can walk in, do the same thing and be a gunslinger because that’s what wins games. Not at all. Taking one play at a time has never been more important in the two minute drill. Take care of the ball, no negative plays and take what the defense gives you. If you do those three things you will end up in the RedZone. And hopefully the EndZone

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