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The BIGGEST SCAM In Football

Below we will be discussing the biggest scam in the football recruiting world. I hope this can save a lot of you some time and money. 


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Combines are the biggest waste of time & money. If you’re an athlete reading this, I’m sure you have gotten the Twitter DM saying “you have been invited to the xyz combine”. And to be honest with you, that’s not an invite. An invite means you get to go for free. They might give you a fake discount code that they have sent to 10000+ athletes but what you don’t know is that they make the price super high so you feel special with a 20-50% off code. And they will also probably say it “expires in 24 hours”. Which you and I both know, that it won’t. They just want to create urgency. (How you can know this too is if it’s a super generic code like “Camp50”) But anyways, combines are a waste of time because they will not help you at all with exposure. Yeah it’s cool to get your 40 time, but how accurate is that 40? You were standing in line, letting your legs get cold for 1 hour and then you went out and ran as fast as you could. You’re paying $200 for a 30 minute workout. You could literally do everything at a combine on your own and time it. Now I know what you might be thinking, ”well they said college coaches will be there and it’s going to help me get noticed.” Those college coaches already know who their guys are. So unless you are a 6’6 WR or a guy who runs a 4.4 or below… you’re gonna have a tough time getting noticed being camper #234 out of 350. I say this just so you spend your time wisely. Your time and money are so valuable in the off season. You could take that $200 and pay for 5-6 sessions with a speed coach or 10 months at a gym etc. That will give you more value in the fall rather than some BS waste of time combine. I blame the scumbags who run those things. They literally take money from parents who could use that money to pay for meals for their family- and promise their kids “exposure” and kick them to the curb the second the camp is over. I just wish they were honest. Tell the parents exactly what they are getting. Don’t make it seem like your kid will get looked at by all these coaches. How is 1 coach going to scout 400+ kids? Logically think about that. He has a list of guys, who probably didn’t pay for the camp either, that he wants to see. It’s all a smoke screen.   

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