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The Key To A Great Throwing Motion

The key to having a great throwing motion is to be efficient. And you become efficient through your lower body and upper body mechanics. Obviously much easier said than done. The lower body is all about leg drive and front stride quickness. Pushing off the inside arch of your back leg is the key to ground force but also getting your front foot in the ground fast because of that back leg push. The two go together and the wide base is the key. Your feet are just outside your shoulders and the push creates the stride. You are not stepping first. Now when you push you have to drive your back hip which causes your rotator cuff to turn and the ball will come out. That’s why a back stroke is important, if you lift to 90 your hip drive will cause the ball to dip behind your head, which is why a quick front stride is important because you can’t drive your hip and get the ball out without your front foot in the ground. Everything in the QB position is connected. If you want me to take a look at your throwing mechanics check out the link below to see some of our plans that we offer. You can submit film to a private email address and I will break it down just like how I breakdown NFL QBs. Plus you’d have access to our reading coverage videos if you get a gold,platinum, or VIP membership. Check it out! ⬇️

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