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Top 3 Ways To Get EXPOSURE

This is a common question we get asked and a lot old high school/middle school athletes want to know about exposure and how they can get noticed. Today we will be discussing how you can do that the RIGHT WAY. I hope this helps! 

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1)- Don't hate me for giving you this basic of an answer but being good at football is the best way to get exposure. The great thing about football is that you will get exposed if you are faking it. A lot of young  athletes coming up, or I should say their parents, are forcing the exposure thing. Buying Instagram followers, taking every “brand deal or NIL deal” known to man even if It doesn’t make sense/money. And it’s a total scam. They are trying to fake it so they can be known. And like I said, I don’t blame the kids I blame the parents. However, the issue with this is that another kid who is just going about his business, playing football etc. will see this and get discouraged. They wonder why they don’t have all kinds of “hype”. (Which isn’t even hype it’s all fake) This is what I hate. You need to stay in your lane. The guys who get real exposure all have one thing in common… they are great football players. The fakers aren’t all great football players. Travis Hunter, Bryce Young etc. all of those guys who had a ton of eyeballs in high school… were all really friken good. So invest your time and your money into getting better this off season. Exposure is not that important.  

2)- So let’s say you have the skills, what can you do to get your name out there. And that is make a varsity highlight tape via hudl. Get film and put together a 1 minute-2 minute reel of your best plays. Upload this to hudl and make a Twitter account. You need varsity film to get noticed by colleges.  

3)- Now when you get that varsity tape, let’s start sending it out to coaches. When coaches visit your school you should follow them on Twitter and communicate on there. Ask them questions, send them film, send them clips of your maxes etc. Just build a real relationship with them. Because all it takes is one coach to pull the trigger and offer… then the other coaches you know or have contacted will see it. Then it starts to snowball- but you need skills to get in the door and you need to be savvy on Twitter and with your film  to get in front of the right people. Don’t buy into the hype, focus on getting better and not worrying about how many Instagram followers you have. 

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