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What Can I Do To Get Recruited

Patience in the recruiting process is essential. If you don’t trust the process you are going to get frustrated and end up quitting on your goal of playing college football. But what can you do in the mean time where you are waiting for that offer to come? Emailing college coaches and messaging them on social media sites can be a grueling process but it can be effective. If you are persistent and follow up with coaches they will begin to notice your name. Now I guarantee if your film isn’t the greatest In the history of high school sports, you won’t get an offer off of emailing. But it can light a fire in the process for you. Once they recognize your name because you are persistent and creative with your follow up, once they see you at a camp they recognize your name and then that creates some attention and they start to pay attention. The recruiting process is all about gaining attention. But what should you say to the coaches? What if you run out of things to say? I am a firm believer in that if you want it bad enough creativity will come. Now you don’t want to be so persistent to the fact that they block you but maybe every other day. Or every 3 days. The first message should be an intro. Pretty basic message. But after that first message it needs to be creative. Even if it’s just a holiday, say “hope you enjoyed your Christmas Coach”. Stuff like that. Always make the coach feel good. Never have conflict in your follow up and don’t ever give attitude. If you are persistent good things will happen. How bad do you really want it? Now don’t email the head coach please! Email your position coach. The head coach will NEVER respond. It’s all about creating attention and attention is what will get you recruited.

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