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What Coaches Look For In A WR

What coaches look for in a WR is pretty simple, can you make big plays, are you reliable, and are you explosive? Those are the 3 keys in my eyes that make a great receiver. If you can make big plays I think it’s very hard to stay off the field. If you’re that guy who can always get separation and then once he gets separation finish the play by making a catch and getting upfield. Yards after the catch is super important for any receiver. When I say reliable I mean that you catch every ball. Obviously drops are going to happen, but you should challenge yourself to never drop a ball. Every single ball that hits your hands should try to be a catch. And lastly, explosiveness. This is what I think a lot of young receivers don’t understand. You have to be explosive if you want to be a good route runner. If you can’t explode and generate power/force, it’s going to be very hard to get any kind of separation. You have to explode off the line of scrimmage and you have to be explosive at the top of the route. When you have to make a quick cut or drop your hips violently, that doesn’t work if you aren’t explosive. Explosion is not something you can generate by just running routes and working drills.  You have to work on it on your own time off the field. Right now it is tough to work on explosiveness but that is why I have a 28 day body weight workout plan that will develop your explosiveness. Check out the link below! ⬇️

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