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What Colleges Look For In QBs

College coaches will look for many things when it comes to the QB position but we are going to highlight the 3 main things we believe that will help you get to the next level.

1)- Football IQ- if you are an undersized player or maybe not the guy who can throw the ball 80yds- being able to read a defense and coverages is essential to your success. Knowing what a defense will do before they even do it and having the knowledge of where to go with the ball will help you shred the competition. You need to be doing something everyday to improve your football IQ- watch film, study your playbook etc. if you guys would like access to 450+ Videos on how to read defenses that I have made, checkout the link below! ⬇️

2)- The second thing that will make you stand out to college coaches is arm strength. When my QBs throw for college coaches in the spring, they ask for 3 throws usually. Opposite hash timing 10yd speed outs, hole shot cover 2 fade ball, and a deep fade. All of these are big time college level throws. If you can’t make these throws you need to increase your arm strength by improving leg/core strength & developing better throwing mechanics. You can do that below ⬇️

3)- And last but not least, confidence. If you aren’t confident at the QB position you will not be able to make it at the next level. Be confident in your ability when things get tough because believe me, playing QB at ANY LEVEL can get tough let alone the college level. So If you aren’t confident or mentally tough- a bad interception can ruin your entire performance. And college coaches will notice that. They want mentally tough leaders who only push harder against adversity.

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