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What D1 Coaches Are Looking For In WRs

D1 is obviously the highest level of college football so what those coaches are looking for is the highest level of play at the WR position. Today we are going to discuss 2 things that can help you get to the D1 level as a WR.

The first thing that everyone always talks about in college is the speed of the game and the size of the players. Everyone is bigger and faster at the next level, especially the D1 level. Now if you are under sized you need to be fast and agile in order to play. You should be the best athlete on the field at all times. That’s what they say when it comes to college football. They always say the 22 starters on the field were the best athletes on their high schools teams. Sometimes that athleticism is God given but in today’s world especially, with all the resources athletes have, you can 100% improve your speed and take it to that next level. Your main focus should be on getting bigger, stronger and faster in the off season. Obviously field work is super important and we will get to that, but physically these are the boxes you need to check off if you are serious about playing D1 ball.

Now what if you aren’t the biggest but you’re fast but not 4.3/4.4 40 fast? You need to be a route running technician. Everyone who moves on from college ball into the NFL, can run good routes. Your athleticism won’t just bail you out anymore especially if you’re playing a high level of college ball. Your athleticism certainly helps, however being a great route runner makes up for being slower or smaller than the defender you are going up against. You need to be smooth and fast in and out of breaks. You need to be able to beat press and understand passing concepts/timing. All of these things can get you recruited. Again, if you’re serious about D1 ball you need to have the ability to get open. If you want over 1.5 hours of drills all broken down into a specific plan with sets and reps to improve your route running and press releases click the link below! There is over 50+ specific drills you can do all based around getting off the line, moves at the top of the route and creating separation! This specific plan was made to take your route running to the next level and get you ready for college ball! Click below⬇️⬇️

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