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What D1 Coaches Look For In WRs

Below we are going to discuss what D1 coaches look for in WRs! I hope this can help you out and give you some info on the recruiting process.

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1)- Speed. Every single snap at the D1 level will be against a DB who is fast, explosive and the best DB on their high school team. So if you want to be able to create separation and have success at the next level you need some kind of speed to compete with those guys. College coaches don't care about your 40 time. They care about game speed and they will be able to see that from the first play on your highlight tape.

2)- Explosive play making ability. On your hudl highlight tape that you will send out to colleges or colleges will ask for, you need EXPLOSIVE PLAYS. Explosive plays are taking a slant 80yds for a TD, breaking tackles, making people miss in open space, explosive routes, punt returns etc. These are all plays college coaches don't expect out of you and that's how you can grab their attention. If you don't show that on film, you won't get any D1 attention. Maybe your size can get you some looks but you need to be a playmaker.

3)- Making the tough catches. Nothing better than a WR who can catch while getting hit, can make a diving catch, can win a jump ball etc. If you can do those things and showcase that on film, that will make up for maybe a lack of speed or size. They want reliable guys at the next level.

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