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What Happens When A Coach Doesn’t Respond

If a coach doesn’t respond, that doesn’t mean you’re screwed. It’s probably what happens to 99% of all recruits after the first email. You can’t expect that one shot in the dark is going to get a coaches attention. In order to grab a coaches attention, you need to stand out. And how you can stand out is by sending them follow up emails. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY does that. They send one email and pray. You know how many emails college coaches get? I am just a trainer and I get close to 200 DMs per day, imagine a guy who’s going to give you a scholarship. Now he’s not as nice of a guy as me and won’t respond the first time. But if he keeps seeing a name pop up, that’s how he recognizes your name when you go to a camp. Now a lot of guys struggle with what to say. They send the same boring generic message “check out my Hudl highlights”. Sick, that’s really creative. You need to be creative with your follow up approach. When you’re committed, creativity tends to follow. I offer a template that gives 15 different emails you can send a college coach. Click below to check it out! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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