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What Should You Eat To GAIN WEIGHT?

Below we are going to discuss some of the best foods you can eat to help you gain weight. I hope this can help!


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The most important things when trying to gain weight as a football player are calories and protein. You need to be consuming high calorie foods on top of your main course meals & you need to try to consume a good daily source of protein and carbs that we will discuss below.

So the easiest way to figure out how many calories you need to eat everyday is by conducting a google search looking for a "calorie calculator" this is a super simple way to figure things out. You will punch in your desired weight, current height/weight etc. and the calculator will give you the exact amount of calories you need to consume on a day to day basis. Also make sure you factor in how many calories you are burning. Some high calorie foods that you can supplement throughout the day are:


Dried Fruit




Peanut Butter

Now on top of calories, you need to consume protein to help your muscles recover and grow faster. When trying to gain weight you need to be lifting for mass, but you won't see any gains if you don't allow your body to recover. So a good gauge of protein intake that always worked for me was to try and consume 1G of protein per pound of body weight. So if I weighed 160lbs I would consume 160 grams of protein per day. Tough to do when you weigh a lot more than that, but protein shakes are great to add to your diet as well to help you hit that number. Also, carbs are important for guys trying to gain weight. That's your energy source. So fueling your body with carbs like rice or potatoes can give you fuel for your workouts and allow you to pack on more size from the protein and calorie intake you are consuming.

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