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What You Can Do Everyday To Improve

Everybody likes to talk about rest days and there are some days where you need a break, I’m not doubting that, but if you’re trying to really improve your game and make drastic changes, you gotta do things everyday for your game. It’s called being obsessed with the process. Everyone likes to say that, few will actually do it. The one thing that I don’t believe gets tired like a normal muscle is your mind. Your football IQ can be improved every single day. Studying defenses, coverages, blitz packages, offensive playbook and more will dramatically improve your game at QB and WR. Those are the key things that help you to understand the reason why you do certain things. A lot of guys know what to do, but don’t know the “why” behind it. If you want to learn the reason why behind what I teach and how to read defenses check out the link below! ⬇️

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