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When is the right time to transfer? Well In  my opinion, I don’t think now is the time to be thinking about that. The season has started so you need to be all in for your team or all out. But when’s the time to weather the storm or to get out of a bad situation? I think when you have a coach who is maybe a hard ass or likes to yell and you just don’t like the guy, probably not the reason to transfer. If you’re on a good team or have a team with a lot of potential, Learn to have thick skin. If you claim that “coach isn’t giving me my shot”, you need to take a long look in the mirror before you make any kind of decision. I’m not gonna sugar coat it. You probably haven’t done enough to earn a spot. Think about the work you have put in and the work other guys have put in. You may have to work 10x harder than the next guy because he is more physically gifted. Have you done that? I get that there are situations where that has happened, I have been in those personally. But if you can honestly say you have done enough then maybe look to transfer when the season is over. But there is no damn excuse to transfer for a lack of work ethic. That shows the kind of player you are and you are running from hard work. It shows you are scared. If you are in a truly bad situation that’s when you transfer. If you feel you will never ever see the field no matter what, that’s an option to transfer. But if you are lazy, don’t work, don’t perform and blame the coach and that’s why you want to transfer, that’s the wrong reason. Be honest with yourself in the whole process. Don’t be afraid of the work.

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