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Wide Receiver Press Release Quiz & When To Use Them

This is going to be a 3 question quiz on when to use different press releases. We will give 3 different scenarios for you to think about and answer and the answers will be located at the bottom. I hope this helps!

1)- What situation would you use a long release like a slide release on a slant route?

2)- If you have an inside shade press DB and you are running a post route, would you ever want to attack his leverage and take the inside release?

3)- What routes could you use a split release on?

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Answer 1) A slide release is a longer developing release. So you do not want to use it in quick game scenarios. As a WR we need to understand entire play concepts and timing. Not just what my route is. So a slide release should be used when the QB is in 3 step/5 step footwork or if it’s an RPO slant. You need to be patient so you don’t rush the route. If you rush to the route and get to the window too soon, the timing will be off.

Answer 2) The short answer is no. If the DB is inside shade press, don’t force the inside release. He is inside shad