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WR At Home Grip Workout

Split 1

Finger Tip Push Ups

5x10 reps (if you need to do them kneeling that is fine)

Finger Tip Stretch

5x20 reps each side

(Put 4 fingers (not your thumb) on the edge of a table, move your hand down and keep all 4 fingers on the table- this will stretch your hand and improve hand flexibility)

Split 2

Finger Tip Push Up Plank

5x 1 minute hold

Superset with

Textbook Flip

5x8 reps each side

(Get a textbook from school and flip it end over end in 1 hand. Catch in your fingers not your palms and this will help you improve your grip)

If you guys would like a daily WR workout plan for WRs to improve their speed, checkout the link below!

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