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WR Football IQ Test

Below we will be giving you a WR Football IQ Quiz to test your knowledge of the position. Answers will be located at the bottom of this article, I hope this can help! 

Q1)- What leverage is the DB usually on the outside WR when it is Cover 2?

Q2)- If you have an inside breaking route vs an inside shade press DB, what should you do? 

Q3)- If you have an outside breaking route vs an outside shade press DB, what should you do?

Answers located below 

Also if you would like 75+ on field drills & on field workouts you can do to get faster, checkout the link below! We include the exact sets & reps to do & we put the drills into workout schedules so it is easy to follow ⬇️⬇️ 

A1)- Outside leverage. His goal is to force the WR to the inside to his safety help and he can also keep an eye on any WR running to his zone- which is the flats.

A2)- Attack him inside & take the outside release. Work to stack over the top of him, but if you cannot stack- you slip under him and use a “throw by” move if the route is like a post, dig or curl. 

A3)- Attack him outside of the line- take the inside release. Work to stack over the top of him or throw by and slip under if the route is an out route/corner route. 

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