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WR Hand Technique

WRs need to have great hands. And I’m not just talking about catching the ball. I’m talking about how they need great hands off of the line of scrimmage. WRs should never keep their hands still off of a release vs press. That’s how you get knocked off your platform and screw up the timing of the entire play. Because yes, it is almost July, 7on7 is over and now it’s real football where timing matters and the QB can’t take 15 hitches or walk into his drop. So we need to be precise with our hands off the ball.

A DB is trying to attack your points of balance. Which are your shoulders. If he can get a strong punch into your frame, you will be knocked off your center of gravity, and as you know body control and balance are huge for WRs, so we always need to have active hands. But your hands need to be by your chest. You shouldn’t have your chest exposed. A DB could easily get a punch in and knock you off the route. Keep the hands tight and active. If you have paid attention to anything I have posted in the recent past I have talked about WRs always having a plan. That’s not just for their feet. Have a plan for your hands as well. Study film of the DB or LB you will be playing this week. Understand his patterns and have a plan for that situation. But also have a plan for anything that a DB might throw at you. We should never go up to the line just guessing. Attack the DBs forearms or elbows. I learned that in Jiu Jitsu. Those are points of control. Much like how he wants to control us off the line, We want to control him. Moving our hands and feet at the same time will be huge for you to get some separation.

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