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Below I am going to give you 5 questions on WR football IQ. The answers will be at the bottom of this but please do not cheat, try to answer each question first then look for the answers towards the bottom to check your work. That is how you get better, test yourself.

  1. How Would You Run a 10yd out vs. an outside shade DB in off man coverage? And why would a DB be outside shade?

  1. How Would You Run A Slant when you are the primary WR but the concept is an RPO, and you are facing an inside shade DB? What releases would you use?

  1. If you are a slot WR and see 2 high safeties, and you are running a corner route, what kind of ball can you expect from the QB? Air on it? Or on a line?

  1. How can you tell that a DB is in zone coverage?

  2. How to run a fade route vs. a DB head up and in zone coverage?

WE ARE TRAVELING TO 8 states across the United States this off season for QB/WR Camps! We are coming to Houston TX, Phoenix Arizona, Newark NJ, Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Nashville TN, & Los Angeles California. If you would like to sign up for one of our camps, checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️ 1- Answer: If the DB is 7-8 off in off man coverage you would attack his inside shoulder, try to force him to flip his hips and commit to the fade then slip back under. Main thing is attacking the inside shoulder, DO NOT attack leverage. And he is outside shade because he is using safety help to the inside and is expecting an outside route based on your leverage/formation split. 2- Answer: when you are the primary WR in an RPO concept you need to understand that this play takes some time to develop. So you would use a slide release/ any kind of hesitation release to where you don’t get to the throwing window too quick. A lot of guys get to the window too quick and they lose timing with the QB. It allows another defender to cover them. Make sure you have timing down with the play. 3- Answer: On a line. QB shoulder not throw the ball with air because there is a safety over the top of you and you will get killed or ball will be picked. Get out of the route quickly and snap your eyes around fast to see the ball on a line bring you back downhill. 4-Answer: How you can tell a DB is in zone is when he is giving the QB eyes and he has his front hip pointed at you. Looks like he will be bailing. Sometimes they can show press bail but when he’s looking at the QB that is a dead giveaway he is in zone. 5-Answer: Attack his front hip, give him a vertical set move to the inside to get him to sit on the inside move. This will open space for you to slip back outside. Make sure you close the distance and step on his toes.

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