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WR IQ Test

This is a 3 question WR IQ test to see how smart you are as a WR. The answers will be located at the bottom for reference! I hope this helps

Question 1)- What is a bracket coverage on a slot WR?

Question 2)- If you have an inside shade press DB, how would you run a post Route?

Question 3)- If you cut your split down (move closer to the lineman) on the single WR side in a trips formation, what leverage can you expect a DB to be in when it is Cover 1?


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Answer 1)- Bracket coverage is when you are getting double teamed. More commonly out of the slot but you will have a LB play man coverage on you and a safety play over the top of you aka bracket coverage. It is good to know this as a WR so you know if you are being bracketed & if someone else is being bracketed you might get more opportunities to make plays.

Answer 2)- You do not want to force the inside release and the answer IS NOT set him up with a move outside then take the inside release. You need to take what a DB is giving you in press coverage and threaten his leverage. DB is inside shade for a reason (to protect the inside) so you need to attack his leverage with a quicker move, work him off the platform to keep his leverage, then take the outside release. Then you can either re stack and give a move or work a throw by move under him.

Answer 3)- So the cover 1 part of this question is key. That means that it is man coverage across the board but there is one safety over the middle. And to a DB that means he has safety help. So you can expect the DB to be outside leverage. He’s trying to take away the outside breaking route and he wants to force you inside. So if you can expect this type of look that will better help you pick a press release/move to use off of the line.

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