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WR IQ Test

This is a 3 question WR IQ test to see how smart you are as a WR. The answers will be located at the bottom for reference! I hope this helps

Question 1)- What is a bracket coverage on a slot WR?

Question 2)- If you have an inside shade press DB, how would you run a post Route?

Question 3)- If you cut your split down (move closer to the lineman) on the single WR side in a trips formation, what leverage can you expect a DB to be in when it is Cover 1?


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Answer 1)- Bracket coverage is when you are getting double teamed. More commonly out of the slot but you will have a LB play man coverage on you and a safety play over the top of you aka bracket coverage. It is good to know this as a WR so you know if you are being bracketed & if someone else is being bracketed you might get more opportunities to make plays.