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Below we are giving you a 3 question WR IQ test on defensive coverage looks and how you should run certain routes against each coverage I hope you enjoy! Answers will be located at the bottom of this article.

Q1)- What leverage is the DB usually on the outside WR when it is Cover 2? Q2)- If you have an inside breaking route vs an inside shade press DB, what should you do?  Q3)- If you have an outside breaking route vs an outside shade press DB, what should you do?

If you guys would like an 8 week daily schedule for what WRs can do in the gym & on the field for route running, checkout the link below! 

A1)- Outside leverage. He is trying to funnel you to his safety help

A2)- You would attack his leverage off the line so fake inside- take what he gives you which is the outside release. Work to either re stack or you would us a throw by move if he plays it well and is running hip to hip with you.

A3)- Same idea as question 2, you would threaten him outside and take the inside release- he is not going to let you release outside so take what he gives. You would either work to re stack or throw by at the break point. On an outside breaking route you need space to run to the sideline- if you force the outside release a DB will squeeze you all the way to the sideline.

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