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WR Quiz On Zone Coverage

Below is a 3 question quiz on zone coverage for WRs. This will test your football knowledge and football IQ. Answers will be located at the bottom of this article, I hope this can help!

Q1)- How to recognize a cover 2 corner?

Q2)- What routes will work best against cover 2?

Q3)- If you are running a post from the outside WR spot against Cover 3, how should you run the post?

-Answers located below ⬇️

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A1)- Corner will be outside shade, 1-3yds off and he will be looking at the QB. Sometimes DBs can play man coverage when they are outside leverage, but the eyes will tell you everything.

A2)- Digs, posts, benders, holes hot fades, corners. Anything to the middle of the field or the sideline gap between the corner in the flats and safety coming over the top.

A3)- You would keep the post skinny. In cover 3, there is only 1 high safety. So if you run a hard post and break into the safety essentially, you will be covering yourself. Keep the post skinny so the safety can’t react in time.

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