ALL THINGS QUARTERBACK! This is a 12 page document discussing everything that a QB needs to know. We go over everything mechanically that goes into a throw, types of throws, how to throw on the run and much more. We provide examples and pictures of professional QBs at the top of their game to further emphasize what we are trying to teach. I hope this gives you value.


Example From One Page: 


The Stroke


This is what everyone loves to talk about when it comes down to QB coaches. “He has a smooth stroke” is a common phrase. This essentially means how you take the ball back. Now everyone is different when it comes to the stroke. But the main key is that you don’t lift the ball. Don’t lift your arm straight to 90. You need some kind of a back stroke and your hip drive/rotation will bring you up to 90. Lead back with your elbow not the ball. If you have a backstroke that allows your elbow to get off your rib cage, you will be able to change levels on your throws easily. (see picture below)


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