This is a digital download document where we go over the route tree but NOT JUST THE BASICS. We touch on the basic routes 1-9 but we dive deeper into more advanced routes like the Dino Route and the Squirrel Route. We talk about the correct steps, technique and thought process that goes into each route. We have about 20 total routes that we discuss that are advanced and advanced coaching points to go with them. SEE EXAMPLE BELOW!SluggoThis route is considered a slant and go and it is very similar to the technique on the out and up route. You want to run a 3 step slant and after you break to the slant you take 3 hard steps on the slant break and put the breaks on with your inside leg(your 3rd step). Make sure you sell this route with your eyes back to the QB and commit your hips and shoulders on the slant route. After you break up to the vertical portion of this route make sure you don’t fade out too wide and don’t run too far inside. Burst upfield with your head down for at least 3 steps so you can continue to gain separation that you made at the break. 


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