This is a digital download E-Book product that breaks down all of the different aspects of the WR position. We talk about how you can improve your hands, route running, stance, football IQ as a WR and how you can create separation against press. This is a perfect product for any WR looking to improve their knowledge of the position and to learn the reason why behind the technique of playing receiver. I hope this brings you value!Example Bullet Point:Catching Jump BallsJump ball catches are very similar to catches in traffic when it comes to putting the ball away. However, when you go up for a jump ball you need to make sure you go up with a strong grip. If you go up strong and have strong hands it makes it easier to win the battle. When you secure the ball you want to rip it in the opposite direction of the DB and be violent to the tuck. When you can go up strong and protect the ball quickly you have a higher chance of winning jump ball situations. 


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