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How To Read Defenses

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Defense Breakdown



Coach Grant was a former Division 2 College QB out of California who made the transition to WR in his later career. He then took up coaching at the high school level straight out of college and launched his own private coaching platform/company. He currently has 3000+ members on this site and he trains 150+ high school/ college athletes in the Southern California area on a weekly basis. His trainees have combined for over $15,000,000 in scholarships. He understands what goes into reading a defense through his 10+ years of offensive experience and he knows how to stop each coverage. The most important aspect of a football player is their mind and it is Coach Grant’s mission to develop that in each athlete he reaches. This online platform will be a great tool for any QB or WR to develop their football IQ.


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Amare Taylor

QB Class of 2021

Coach Grant Has tremendously helped me improve my game. I can now make faster decisions pre- snap and I can identify what the defense will do before they do it. You can't find another online training program like this one!

Oscar Soriano

QB Class of 2020

I really enjoy and like the techniques I have been taught and will continue this. We need more coaches like Coach Grant out there because not a lot of kids out there have the right coaching like here. This has dramatically helped my football IQ improve and I can read a defense much easier and faster.

Riley Tuggle

WR Class of 2023

Coach Grant's training platform has helped me improve my football IQ and I have a better understanding of defenses from the Wide Receiver position.I am on the same page as my coaching staff and can read coverage better than the QBs I play with. I highly recommend all WRs to sign up for this. 


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