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 My name is Coach Grant Caraway and I was a former High School and Collegiate Quarterback at Los Alamitos High school in California and then Whittier College also in California. Quarterback was always what came natural. In college they moved me to receiver where I fell In love with the position and the technique of it. I then transitioned into coaching for Los Alamitos High School at a very young age. I was the varsity receivers coach and then I got into private training. I have been doing training for 4 years now and plan on continuing. I currently train 200+ High School, College, & Youth athletes in the Southern California Area.

We will also host 15 Training Camps Each Year In 15 Different States Outside Of Southern California. We have 1,000 plus athletes in attendance every year.


What I Focus On

I do specific QB and WR training. 


For my Quarterbacks we focus on the mechanics of the position. We teach you the proper throwing mechanics; upper and lower body, we develop their footwork, arm strength, accuracy, throwing on the run ability and many other vital aspects of the position.

For my Receivers I focus on route running, releases, catching, hand eye coordination, flexibility and all of the minor details that play a huge factor in a receivers game. The details matter.



Orange County CA

Long Beach CA

Private Session 1.5 Hours: $200 or 6 Sessions for $900

Semi- Private Session 1.5-2 hours(no more than 6 people): $70 or 6 sessions for $350


Contact Me To Book A Session

Phone Number: 562-346-6959



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