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How WRs Can Read Defenses (When To Use Releases, Moves and More)

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This is a digital download 25 minute video where we breakdown step by step how WRs can read defenses. So many people focus on QBs reading defenses but forget how WRs have to approach every snap. We will take a look at NFL coverage examples and break it down step by step so any receiver can understand. We breakdown WHEN to use the longer developing releases/moves with actual game situation examples along with how receivers can determine what each coverage means. It is more than just knowing if it is man or zone. You need to know how a QB thinks and what an offense is trying to accomplish as a receiver. This is ultimately made to make you a 2nd QB on the field. Upon purchasing you will be emailed a digital download link where you can download the video and begin studying! We recommend watching each coverage video by video and taking notes on each one. I hope this gives you value!

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