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1 Thing All WRs Should Know

1 Thing that all WRs need to be good at is deception. If you can’t make the DB believe you are doing one thing and then execute your route, you will never gain any separation. You have to be a salesman.

But how can you do that effectively? There are many ways for WRs to get open and I would be lying to you if I said there was only 1 way. But one of the most common things I notice from WRs at the top of their game is they make every single route look the same. From a hitch to a deep post it looks the same at a certain point. They make the route look like a fade every time and don’t give the DBs any tells on what they are doing. They explode off the line of scrimmage, they don’t bring their pad level up and they sure don’t give away their route with their eyes. They are looking over that DBs outside or inside shoulder going 100mph. You need great body control in order to execute this. This one thing will gain any receiver at any level a lot of separation. Especially against talented DBs. They are playing a guessing game. We are not. So we need to have the best salesmanship off the ball and throughout the route by making everything look vertical.

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