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10,000 Rep Rule

The 10,000 rep rule is a lot like the 10,000 hour rule that maybe some of you have heard of. When you have a bad habit, like for example a QB with a long stride, it will take 10,000 reps for you to master that skill and 1,000 reps to break the bad habit. But when I say reps I mean consistent reps. You can’t do 50 good reps then 50 bad ones. The reps have to be consistent and in a row and today we are going to talk about breaking it down. There are 7 days a week so let’s assume that you take 1 rest day. You do 100 reps a day that is 600 reps a week. So, it will take you less than two weeks to break a bad habit and yet I still see some guys who have been corrected on mechanical issues and they don’t do it. You have to put the time in. There is no way around it. So then if you want to master the skill, which takes 10,000 reps, you will need about 17 weeks to do so. That is completely doable. That is 4 months of work. That’s your off season. Once this season ends, if you have developed bad habits, get your 10,000 reps in. Make it apart of your day so you can master that skill and better your game.

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